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2017.  March 28.  Chatelaine.  Women’s College Hospital wants to screen more people for the breast cancer gene

2017.  March 27.  Science Daily.  Major genetic study identifies 12 new genetic variants for ovarian cancer

2017.  March 23.  CBC News.   Access to tax credit for fertility treatments expanded in budget

2017.  February 28.  Medical XPress.  Researchers discover how breast cancer mutation in BRCA1 causes protein to self-destruct

2017.  February 14.  CBC News.  Clinical trial for pancreatic cancer treatment to start after Ontario mayor’s push

2017.  February 13.  c&en.  CRISPR’s breakthrough problem. 

2017.  February 7.  Today.  Breast in a Day: New surgery option for women who undergo a mastectomy

2017.  February 6.  Stanford.  Physicians fail to recommend genetic testing to many high-risk breast cancer patients

2017.  February 6.  New Scientist.  Blood test could catch pancreatic cancer before it’s too late

2017.  February 1.  Medscape.  Use of Systemic Hormone Therapy in BRCA Mutation Carriers

2017.  February 1.  SBS News.  Ovarian cancer drug most significant PBS listing in 30 years

2017.  February 1.  The Irish Times.  Juggling 10 cancer diagnoses, writing a dozen books and raising a family

2017.  February 1.  URO Today.  Genetic Evaluation for Prostate Cancer Risk: Implications for Urologic Providers: Beyond the Abstracts

2017.  January 31.  EurekAlert.  Changes in gene contribute independently to breast and ovarian cancer

2017.  January 28.  the Guardian.  How breast cancer and the BRCA gene brought us the sister we never knew

 2017.  January 28.  Hisbreastcancer.  My Fourth Suspicious Journey with Breast Cancer

2017.  January 26.  The Jerusalem Post.  Life, life, life: Check it out

2017.  January 25.  Science Daily.  Murine study finds potential boost for ovarian cancer drug Olaparib

2017.  January 24.  NIH.  Find and Replace:  DNA Editing Tool Shows Gene Therapy Promise

2017.  January 23.  Oncology Nurse Advisor.  Customers Find Useful Information in Results from Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

2017.  January 19.  Yahoo Finance.  Ambry Genetics’ Big Data Sharing Program Now Available for Public Download

2017.  January 17.  RareDR.  Tesaro Opens Expanded Access Program of PARP inhibitor for U.S. Ovarian Cancer Patients

2017.  January 14.  ynet.  Stigmas hold back Israel’s war on cancer

2017.  January 10.  The Hill Times.  Genetic discrimination bill headed back to Senate, Liberals deny it reopens possibility for government changes

2017.  January 10.  OncLive.  BRCA Gene Does Not Predict Poor Prognosis in Patients With Breast Cancer?

2016.  January 9.  EurekAlert!  Prostate cancer researchers find genetic fingerprint identifying how, when disease spreads

2016.  December 16.  Shots.  When Genetic Tests Disagree About Best Option for Cancer Treatment

2016.  December 14.  The Guardian.  Angelina Jolie effect boosted genetic testing rates, study suggests

2016.  December 14.  Oncology Nurse Advisor.  Peer Navigation Program Helpful for Patients With Hereditary Cancers

2016.  December 14.  Street Insider.  InVitae (NVTA) Notes Significant Increase in Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer

2016.  December 14.  STAT.  Cancer cells spread way earlier than thought, seeding metastases that cause most deaths

2016.  December 13.  I have Lynch Syndrome.  Guardian of the Genome:  An Overview of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

2016.  December 13.  Yale.  Subtype of triple negative breast cancer responds better to chemotherapy.

2016.  December 13.  Women’s Weekly.  World-first genetic testing offers new hope in breast and ovarian cancer prevention

2016.  December 12.  Mayo Clinic.  Enzyme that regulates DNA repair may offer new precision treatments for breast and ovarian cancer

2016.  December 12.  Cancer Therapy Advisory.  BRCA Mutations Associated With Carboplatin Outcomes in Triple-negative Breast Cancer

2016.  December 9.  Cure.  A Rare Breed: Inherited Melanoma

2016.  December 9.  EurekAlert.  Penn study begins to shed light on racial disparities of cancer-causing genetic mutations

2016.  December 9.  Memorial Sloan Kettering.  Targeting DNA Repair in Breast Cancer: PARP Inhibitors and Beyond

2016.  December 9.  Diginomica.  Running a non-profit in the cloud – a personal journey for NetSuite’s Evan Goldberg (and BRCA carrier)

2016.  December 9.  The Washington Post.  Genetic testing is not being offered as widely as probably it should be, Invitae chief medical officer says

2016.  December 9.  Cancer Therapy Advisor.  BRCA Status Does Not Predict Survival for Young Patients With Breast Cancer

2016.  December 7.  Cure.  PARP Inhibitor Boosts Response Rates for BRCA+ Breast Cancer

2016.  December 3.  The New York Times.  Immune System, Unleashed by Cancer Therapies, Can Attack Organs

2016.  December 7.  EurekaAlert.  Mayo Clinic research helps refine role of gene variants in breast cancer risk

2016.  November 30.  PR Newswire.  The V Foundation Announces Multi-Million Dollar Challenge to Further the Study of BRCA Mutation Research

2016.  November 29.  STAT.  As revenue falls, a pioneer of cancer gene testing slams rivals with overblown claims

2016.  November 29.  News Medical.  Scientists develop easy-to-use software tool to detect important genetic mutations

2016.  November 27.  The Washington Post.  I tried to ignore genetic warnings about cancer, and that could have been fatal

2016.  November 27.  The  In the war against cancer, modesty is not an ally

2016.  November 23.  Open Biology.  RANKL/RANK: from bone loss to the prevention of breast cancer

2016.  November 22.  When our genes provide a warning

2016.  November 22.  CBS New York.  For Carrying Breast Cancer Genes, Preventative Mastectomies Are An Effective Prevention

2016.  November 21.  Cure.  New Toolkit Will Help Patients and Families Navigate Cancer Genetics

2016.  November 17.  Scientific Reports.  Highly-accurate metabolic detection of early-stage ovarian cancer

2016.  November 17.  Georgia Tech News Center.  Punching Cancer With RNA Knuckles

2016.  November 16.  Business Wire.  CellMax Life Announces Genetic Cancer Risk Test for 98 Genes, 24 Hereditary Cancers

2016.  November 16.  Medical XPress.  Gene testing of 1000 cancer patients via faster BRCA process

2016.  November 11.  Heritage Jewish News.  Hadassah continues leading-edge research in breast cancer detection

2016.  November 9.  Medical XPress.  A counterintiutive approach to fighting cancer

2016.  November 8.  Promising Science.  BRCA’s Role in Pancreatic Cancer Investigated

2016.  November 6.  Genetic Literacy Project.  Questions about wisdom of early mammograms raise stakes for genetic profiling

2016.  October 28.  Canadian Cancer Society.  Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation plan to merge

2016.  October 27.  Globe and Mail.  Canadian hospitals struggle to cut wait times for breast reconstruction surgery

2016.  October 26.  CURE.  Expert Discusses Estrogen use in Women with BRCA Mutations

2016.  October 25.  Psychology Today.  New Prospects for Pancreatic Cancer Patients?

2016.  October 24.  Huffington Post.  What is in a name?

2016.  October 24.  Northwestern Medicine.  Enzyme Identified as Target Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

2016.  October 24.  US News.  Genetic tests that make a difference after a breast cancer diagnosis.

2016.  October 24.  USC News.  Biologist recruits USC researcher to study cancer — her own

2016.  October 19.  Today.  Family shares heart wrenching story of 4 women battling cancer

2016.  Fall.  Discoveries.  The Power of Prediction: Simon Gayther, PhD

2016.  October 13.  Science Daily.  Common prostate cancer treatment linked to later dementia, researcher says

2016.  October 12.  ABC.  Could Diet During Breast Cancer Treatment Improve Results?

2016.  October 11.  Today.  At high risk for breast cancer, why this woman decided against a mastectomy

2016.  October 11.  OncLive.  Role of PARP Inhibitors Evolving in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

2016.  October 10.  The Rise of Biorights: Patients Demand Cash, Control for Donating DNA

2016. October 10.  HuffPost.  5 Women On Finding Out They Had The Faulty BRCA1 Gene

2016.  October 10.  Science Alert.  Breasts have their own microbiome – and it could influence your cancer risk

2016.  October 10.  Huffpost.  Affordable Testing For Those At Higher Risk of Breast Cancer

2016.  October 10.  Boston Globe.  Biorights rise: Donors demand control of their samples

2016.  October 8.  Science Daily.  Niraparib significantly improves outcome of ovarian cancer patients in landmark trial

2016.  October 8.  Stat.  The race to create a new class of ovarian cancer drugs heats up

2016.  October 7.  Gene Counsel.  How Patients Can Share Their Data

2016.  October 7.  MIT Technology Review.  Genetic Test Aims to Better Match Pancreatic Cancer Patients to Treatments

2016.  October 6.  BET.  Genetic Breast Cancer More Common in African-Americans.

2016.  October 5.  NewsMedical. Treatment using PARP inhibitor shrinks tumors in breast cancer patients with BRCA mutations

2016.  October 5.  BRCAresponder.  Stiller…still in need of information?

2016.  October 4.  The Huffington Post.  Where is the Data? The Epidemiology of Metastatic Breast Cancer

2016.  October 4.  EurekAlert!  Study may help reassure women taking tamoxifen for breast cancer

2016.  October 4.  Quartz.  Startups are driving the cost of genetic testing so low that everyone can be tested for lethal diseases now

2016.  October 4.  Fred Hutch.  A new model for pancreatic cancer clinical research.

2016.  September 29.  Gene Counsel.  Joanna Rudnick, Filmmaker of BRCA Previvor In the Family Documentary

2016.  September 29.  Knowing Their Breast Cancer Risk May Empower Teens

2016.  September 29.  Vogue.  Leandra Medine on Getting Tested for Breast Cancer Genes in Your 20s—And How to Live With the Results

2016.  September 28.  The Washington Post.  Cancer immunotherapy is moving fact.  Here’s what you need to know.

2016.  September 28.  Medscape.  New Approach to Hormone Therapy Hot Topic at NAMS Conference

2016.  September 27.  Color.  First-ever $50 hereditary cancer test for families with mutation.

2016.  September 27.  Silicon Valley Business Journal.  Color Genomics raises $45M to test for genetic cancer risks

2016.  September 27.  Wired.  why I won’t get the genetic test for breast cancer.

2016.  September 26.  Penn Medicine.  Teen Girls with a Family History of Breast Cancer Do Not Experience Increased Depression or Anxiety

2016.  September 26.  The Huffington Post.  My Journey After Testing Positive For The BRCA Cancer Gene Mutation

2016.  September 26.  Our BRCA positive marriage

2016.  September 23.  Medscape.  Genetic Test Results Spur Ethical Dilemmas

2016.  September 22.  Toronto Star.  Parliament must act quickly to end genetic discrimination

2016.  September 22.  Medscape.   Conflicting Interpretation of Cancer Genetic Test Results Common

2016.  September 21.  NewsMedical.  Hidden Scar approach minimizes visible cancer scars

2016.  September 20.  Medscape.  Breast Cancer Protection Afforded by Oophorectomy Differs in BRCA1, BRCA2 Carriers

2016.  September 19.  Pharmacy Times.  Vitamin A Could Help Combat Aggressive Pancreatic Cancer

2016.  September 29.  FastCompany.  Illumina, Secret Giant Of DNA Sequencing, Is Bringing Its Tech To The Masses

2016.  September 19.  Fred Hutch.  Studying the entire path reveals hidden risks

2016.  September 18.  New York Post.  Doctors gave me death sentence after genetic test mix-up

2016.  September 16.  MedicalXpress.  What do my gene variants mean? Study finds conflicting interpretations in cancer risk screening

2016.  September 16.  Reuters.  Cancer-risk genetic testing reports can vary from lab to lab

2016.  September 15.  OncLive.  Biology of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Crucial for Most Effective Treatment

2016.  September 15.  Belfast Telegraphic.  Men don’t think they can get breast cancer, but I’m proof they can

2016.  September 14.  Forward.  The Little-Known Genetic Test All Ashkenazi Jewish Women Should Take

2016.  September 14.  OncLive.  Expert Sheds Light on Important Variables in Preventive Surgery in Ovarian Cancer

2016.  September 14.  Forbes.  Company Stops Sales Of Ovarian Cancer Screening Test After FDA Warns Women Not To Use It

2016.  September 13.  The Straits Times.  Human  destiny is in genetic make-up but we are not powerless to act

2016.  September 12.  Cancer Research UK.  Crashing cancer’s backup system – our progress so far

2016.  September 6.  Haaretz.  Study: All Ashkenazi Women Should Be Tested for Cancer Genes

2016.  September 10.  ASCO Post.  Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy Shown to Be Safe—and Increasingly Preferred

2016.  September 8.  Women’s Health.  I had no idea I had an increased risk for breast cancer – until my dad got pancreatic cancer

2016.  September 6.  Dana Farber.  Use of presurgical chemotherapy on the rise for advanced ovarian cancer, but may not be beneficial for some patients

2016.  September 3.  Miami Herald.  How to alleviate a gir’s fears when her mother has breast cancer

2016.  August 29.  The New York Times.  Rethinking the Use of Hormones to Ease Menopause Symptoms

2016.  August 3.  OncLive.  Researcher Discusses Role for Maintenance Olaparib in Ovarian Cancer

2016.  August 3.  Oncology Nursing News. Multigene Panel Tests Yield Clues to Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk

2016.  August 2.  The Jewish Week. New Push For Changes In BRCA Testing

2016.  August 1.  New York Times.  Setting the Body’s Serial Killers Loose on Cancer

2016.  August 1.  Oncolory Nursing News.  Women Need More Information to Cope With Aftermath of BRCA-Prompted Preventive Surgery

2016.  August 1.  Labroots.  Immunotherapy Target Identified For Ovarian Cancer Treatment

2016.  July 29.  npr.  For Dad And Daughter Fighting Breast Cancer, Grit Runs In The Family

2016.  July 28.  OncLive. Immunotherapy, Targeted Options Emerge in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

2016.  July 27.  The Times of Israel.  Call For More cancer Screening.

2016.  July 26.  Broad Institute.  He said, she said, the data said: Coming to consensus on genetic testing

2016.  July 26.  Climacteric.  Hormone therapy after prophylactic risk-reducing bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in women who have BRCA gene mutation

2016.  July 25.  ETHealthworld.  Parenchymal enhancement in breast tissue is not an indicator for increased cancer risk

2016.  July 25.  ScienceBlog.  Tiny 3D models may yield big insights into ovarian cancer

2016.  July 25.  The Washington Post.  A family tree entwined by cancer

2016.  July 21.  UMass.  NIH study builds on previous UMMS research into chemoresistance in breast, ovarian cancer

2016.  July 21.  Cancer Therapy Advisor.  Is BRCA1/2 Genetic Counseling by Telephone Inferior to a Face-to-face Interaction?

2016.  July 20.  Medscape.  Does Estrogen Replacement Therapy Increase Ovarian Cancer Risk?

2016.  July 20.  Laboratory Network.  Invitae Introduces New Breast Cancer STAT Panel For Patients With Breast Cancer Who Need Rapid Test Results To Guide Surgical Decisions

2016.  July 19.  Newsweek.  Genetics Labs Hoarding Cancer Patient Data Could Be Impeding Care

2016.  July 19.  Haaretz.  Why Men Need to Be Screened for Breast Cancer Mutations

2016.  July 19.  OncLive.  Early Assessment of BRCA Status Key in Ovarian Cancer, Two Experts Agree

2016.  July 17.  Salon.  “Beautiful is a woman being her true self”: Why I declined reconstruction after my double mastectomy

2016.  July 15.  Forward.  Why Jewish Women Are a Challenging Demographic in Fight Against Breast Cancer

2016.  July 15.  Balancing motherhood an d BRCA

2016.  July 14.  Let’s Win.  Study sheds light on true risk for pancreatic cancer in patients with cysts

2016.  July 14.  Cambridge News. GeneAdviser joins leading lab to investigate causes of breast and ovarian cancer

2016.  July 14.  OncLive.  Risks for Breast, Ovarian Cancers Could Be Found With Multigene Panel Testing

2016.  July 13.  Techdirt.  Myriad Genetics Refuses To Accept That People Have A Right To Access Their Own DNA Sequences

2016.  July 13.  MedicalXpress.  Simplifying access to gene testing for women with ovarian cancer

2016.  July 12.  The Atlantic.  The Unbearably Slow Adoption of Genetic Cancer Tests

2016.  July 12.  Climacteric.  Surgical prevention of epithelial ovary cancer without oophorectomy: changing the future

2016.  July 11.  USNews.  Why You Should Think Twice About At-Home Genetic Testing

2016.  July 11.  SpringerLink.  Investigating BRCA Mutations: A Breakthrough in Precision Medicine of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

2016.  July 10.  ScienceDaily.  Discovery of new ovarian cancer signaling hub points to target for limiting metastasis

2016.  July 8.  Let’s Win.  Understanding a Family’s Risk for Pancreatic Cancer

2016.  July 7.  BigThink.  This Aspect of a Father’s Health Can Increase his Daughter’s Breast Cancer Risk

2016.  July 6.  The Washington Post.  Leading researchers recommend major change in prostate cancer treatment

2016.  July 6.  Fred Hutch.  Inherited mutations tied to advanced prostate cancer

2016.  July 6.  CBC.  Genetic testing could help men with advanced prostate cancer 

2016.  July 6.  Healevate.  Why I Chose to Surgically Remove My Healthy (and Sexy) Breasts

2016.  July 6.  Cancer Therapy Advisor.  Multi-gene Testing Increases Complexity of Counseling Women at Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer

2016.  July 5.  Targeted Oncology. BRCA Mutations Investigated in Colorectal Cancer

2016.  July 4.  Cure. FDA Approves Liquid Formulation of THC-Containing Drug for CINV

2016.  July 4.  TechTimes. New Cancer Therapy Method: Ultraviolet Light May Soon Replace Chemotherapy

2016.  June 30.  Livescience.   BRCA1 Linked to aggressive Uterine Cancer

2016.  June 30.  JAMA Oncology.  Drawing the Line in Risk-Reducing Gynecologic Surgery in Women With a BRCA Mutation

2016.  June 29.  LawStreet.  Big Data: A Revolution for Women’s Healthcare

2016.  June 27.  Cure.  Expert Reviews Importance of BRCA Testing in Ovarian Cancer

2016.  June 1.  Los Angeles Times.  New method for predicting breast cancer risk suggests about 30% of cases could be prevented

2016.  June 1.  Medical Xpress.  Pancreatic cancer: Aggressive behavior from the start

2016.  May 31.  the Big Story.  Sisters diagnosed weeks apart fight breast cancer together

2016.  May 30.  Medical Xpress.  Research explains the role of the gene BRCA1 in DNA repair

2016.  May 30.  Science World Report.  Healthy Lifestyle Could Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer Despite Genes, According To Scientists

2016.  May 28.  Labroots.  Scientists Catch a Cancer-Causing Mutation in the Act

2016.  May 26.  Labroots.  Common Arthritis Medicine May be Anti-Cancer Drug

2016.  May 26.  LA Times.  New method for predicting breast cancer risk suggests about 30% of cases could be prevented

2016.  May 24.  UCL. Research revealing early changes at epigenetic level points to possible new prevention strategies for ovarian cancer

2016.  May 23.  The Inquirer.  ‘Healthy fear’ and hereditary cancer

2016. May 23.  The Seattle Times.  For Dr. Mary-Claire King, helping others is in the DNA

2016.  May 23.  Huffington Post.  Why You Should Probably Talk to Your Great Aunt About the BRCA Gene

2016.  May 20.  Science Daily.  Immune cells help reverse chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer

2016.  May 19.  The Seattle Times.  Obama honors Mary-Claire King of UW, whose breast-cancer research saved lives

2016.  May 19.  HuffPost.  My Sister-In-Law Died of Hereditary Breast Cancer. There Was No Family History to Warn Her

2016.  May 19.  Science.  After a prominent gene-testing firm declined to give patients their complete data, ACLU filed a legal complaint

2016.  May 19.  Hebrew Free Press.  Tech leader sets sights on disrupting cancer-causing gene

2016.  May 17.  The Washington Post.  Here’s what men need to know about the Angelina Jolie breast-cancer gene

2016.  May 12.  San Francisco Chronicle.  For software entrepreneur, $10 million BRCA gift is personal

2016.  May 12.  New York Times.  The Improvisational Oncologist

2016.  May 12.  Berkeley News.  Triple-negative breast cancer target is found

2016.  May 12.  New York Times.  The Cancer Almanac

2016.  May 10.  Quartz.  Genetic testing is terrifying when you have cancer

2016.  May 9.  The Inquirer.  What to expect from genetic counselling

2016.  May 9.  PR Newswire.  BRCA Gene Mutations Associated with Increased Prostate Cancer Risk

2016.  May 8.  Genetic Lite.  Life insurance companies deny coverage to those with cancer genes like BRCA

2016.  May 3.  OncLive.  Germline Genetic Testing Raises Thorny Ethical Questions

2016.  May 2.  EurekAlert.  Five new breast cancer genes and range of mutations pave way for personalized treatment

2016.  May 2.  BBC.  Breast cancer: Scientists hail ‘milestone’ genetic find

2016.  April 30.  The surgical step that could prevent ovarian cancer

2016.  April 29.  The Washington Post.  Does your aunt have cancer?  Knowing could save your life

2016.  April 28.  Forbes.  Color Genomics wants to democratize your DNA 

2016.  April 28.  EurekAlert.  New gene testing technology finds cancer risks ‘hiding in plain sight’

2016.  April 27.  Bioscience Technology.  Biotech Startup Provides Functional Studies on Thousands of Breast Cancer Gene Variants

2016.  April 25.  Cancer Network.  Screening May Catch Pancreatic Cancer Early in Those at High Risk

2016.  April 21.  Huffpost.  When It Comes to Genetic Testing, Patients and Providers Need to Meet in the Middle

2016.  April 20.  The Daily Mail.  Angelina Jolie cancer gene mutation infertility link

2016.  April 20.  UPI.  Study: Breast cancer gene might lower women’s fertility

2016.  April 20.  The Washington Post.  These oral bacteria are linked to an increased chance of getting pancreatic cancer

2016.  April 19.  American Association for Cancer Research.  ​Certain Oral Bacteria Associated With Increased Pancreatic Cancer Risk​

2016.  April 19.  The Washington Post.  The list of cancers that can be treated by immunotherapy keeps growing

2016.  April 18.  Daily Mail. New-treatment-ERADICATES-one-four-cases-advanced-melanoma.

2016.  April 18.  Your Health.  More People Seek Genetic Testing, But There Aren’t Enough Counselors

2016.  April 15.  Healio.  Six important updates for BRCA mutation carriers

2016.  April 14.  Mayo Clinic News.  Protective Mastectomies that Preserve Nipple Safe for Women at High Breast Cancer Risk

2016.  April 14.  CBC News.  Senate passes bill to keep genetic test results private.

2016.  April 13.  New York Times.  Sean parker, a Facebook and Napster Pioneer, to Start Cancer Immunotherapy Effort

2016.  April 13.  Healio.  Awareness key to improved outcomes in male breast cancer

2016.  April 11.  PR Newswire.  Color Genomics Democratizes Access to Clinical-Grade Genetic Testing Worldwide

2016.  April 11.  Common Health.  ‘Genetic Superheroes’: Rare Exceptions Resist Mutations Thought To Be Disease Destiny

2016.  April 11.  The Scientist.  Genetic Resilience

2016.  April 11.  Medical Daily.  Why some people with genetic mutations don’t get sick.

2016.  April 10.  Healio.  Breast, ovarian cancer risks vary by BRCA mutation location, type

2016.  April 7.  EurekAlert.  New predictive tool for assessing breast cancer risk

2016.  April 5.  The New Yorker.  Afterlives: My Mother’s Breast Cancer, and My Own

2016.  April 5.  Business Wire.  HeritX, A New Research and Development Nonprofit, Launches Global Initiative to Prevent Inherited BRCA Cancers

2016.  April 4.  You Tracker.  NCCN Adds New Gene Mutations to Consider in Women’s Cancers

2016.  April 4.  U of California. BRCA Exchange aggregates publicly accessible data on breast cancer genes

2016.  April 1.  US News Health.  The Value of Genetic Counselors

2016.  April 1.  APHA.  Endocrine Society Advises Against Compounded Hormone Use

2016.  March 31.  Springer.  Options in Prophylactic Surgery to Prevent Ovarian Cancer in High-Risk Women: How New Hypotheses of Fallopian Tube Origin Influence Recommendations

2016.  March 31.  The Washington Post.  Why breast cancer survivors should avoid late-night eating

2016.  March 30.  EurekAlert.  Early use of postmenopausal hormone therapy may prevent heart disease

2016.  March 29.  CJNews.  Should screening for breast cancer gene be expanded?

2016.  March 28.  Cancer Therapy Advisor.  Paradigm Shift in Ovarian Cancer Points to Fallopian Tube as Site of Origin

2016.  March 28.  BIDMC Researchers Discover Early Indicators of Pancreatic Cancer

2016.  March 28.  Healio.  Bone density scans underutilized after prophylactic oophorectomy

2016.  March 22.  Healio.  Mastectomy improves survival in younger, BRCA-positive women with ovarian cancer

2016.  March 21.  Business Wire.  TME Research Announce Plans to Commence a Remote Hereditary Breast Cancer Case Review Research Project with Invitae

2016.  March 21.  OncLive.  Mittendorf Explains Growing Role of Checkpoint Inhibitors in Breast Cancer

2016.  March 21.  MedPage Today.  SGO: Studies Hone Prediction of Ovarian  Cancer Outcomes

2016.  March 21.  US News Health.  Gene Tests May Help Predict Outcomes in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

2016.  March 20.  OncLive. Combined Biomarker Score Is Better Survival Predictor in Ovarian Cancer

2016.  March 19.  OncLive. BRCA Mutations Linked to Longer Survival in Ovarian Cancer

2016.  March 16.  Medical Daily.  Genetic Screening And Sequencing Reports Do Not Inspire People To Change Bad Habits

2016.  March 14.  Oncology Nurse Advisor.  Most Patients Want To Know About Incidental Genomic Findings

2016.  March 14.  Temple Health.  Genetic Testing May Give Answers, but May Also Leave Questions

2016.  March 12.  Gene Counsel.  Congratulations, You Don’t Carry a BRCA Mutation!  But Wait…Could You Have Lynch Syndrome?

2016.  March 11.  Experts call for better male breast cancer treatment

2016.  March 11.  New York Times.  When Gene Tests for Breast Cancer Reveal Grim Data but No Guidance

2016.  March 10.  Mosaic Science.  Decisions on a Knife-edge

2016.  March 10.  Forbes.  Genetic Testing Company Opens Up Trove Of Cancer Patient Data To Public

2016.  March 10.  Catch.  Your genetic makeup decoded for under $1,000. Are we prepared for the fallout?

2016.  March 10.  Fast Company.  Genetic Testing Needs To Get Better, And The FDA Wants To Help

2016.  March 10.  PLOS.  Need Help Interpreting Direct-To-Consumer DNA Test Results? Ask a Genetic Counselor

2016.  March 10.  The Chronicle Herald.   Our genetic information requires legal protection

2016.  March 9.  ACSH.  To Avoid Passing a Faulty Gene, Genetic Diagnosis is Key

2016.  March 9.  Medical Xpress.  New breast cancer genetic mutation found in Chinese population

2016.  March 8.  Bustle.  IIs Cancer Genetic Testing Necessary? 7 Things You Should Know About Getting A Screening

2016.  March 8.  NIH.  DNA Barcodes Could Streamline Search for New Drugs to Combat Cancer

2016.  March 7.  Time.  How Elective Breast Cancer Surgery Affects Quality of Life

2016.  March 7.  Healio.  Report outlines research goals, knowledge gaps in ovarian cancer

2016.  March 6.  OncLive. Personalized Therapy Emerging for Patients With Prostate Cancer

2016.  March 5.  Discover Magazine. The Lethal Gene That Emerged in Ancient Palestine and Spread Around the Globe

2016.  March 4.  Memorial Sloan Kettering.  New Ovarian Cancer Report Calls for Better Early Screening

2016.  March 4.  The Guardian.  Cancer tumour genetics reveal possible treatment revolution

2016.  March 4.  Medical Xpress.  Mapping family history can lead more at-risk patients to timely screening

2016.  March 3.  Fast Company.  Biotech Firms Battle Over Who Owns Genetic Data

2016.  March 3.  Medical Observer.  ‘Surprising Gaps’ in Ovarian Cancer Research: US Report

2016.  March 3.  Huffpost.  She’s Fighting for Your Life: Exclusive Interview With Breast & Ovarian Cancer Research Scientist Colletta Orr

2016.  February 29.  Louisville doctor says breakthrough treatment could wipe out cancer in a decade

2016.  February 25.  The Color Blog.  Color Geonomics Joins Precision Medicine Initiative to Help Make Genetic Testing More Accessible and Advance Cancer Research.

2016.  February 24.  IPolitics.  Privacy commissioner voices support for revamped genetic discrimination bill, but wants changes.

2016.  February 22.  The Wall Street Journal.  BRCA Clinics Expand Further Beyond Breast Cancer.

2016.  February 19.  Toronto Life.  Memoir:  I had my breasts and ovaries removed in my thirties.

2016.  February 19.  Tech Insider.  People have a strange and revealing fear about getting their DNA sequenced.

2016.  February 17.  Fast Company.  If you Want Life Insurance Think Twice Before Getting a Genetic Test.

2016.  February 17.  ABC News.  Research uncovers link between contraceptive pill and reducing risk of ovarian cancer

2016.  February 17.  Scoop Health.  Lower threshold means more women will qualify for BRCA test (New Zealand)

2016.  February 16.  Gene Counsel.  Beyond BRCA:  Testing negative and living in the gray zone for cancer risk

2016.  February 16.  Medical XPress.  Synthetic plant hormones shut down DNA repair in cancer cells.

2016.  February 12.  Woman’s Weekly.  My mastectomy made me feel more beautiful.

2016.  February 11.  Daily Mail.  The Angelina effect is real:  More women under 40 are having genetic testing for the deadly BRCA gene mutations

2016.  February 11.  Hutch News.  More than ‘Angelina Jolie Effect’: BRCA tests spike among breast cancer patients.

2016.  February 11.  Harvard Health Publications.  Promising results for a targeted drug in advanced prostate cancer

2016.  February 10.  Science Daily.  Research uncovers more inherited genetic mutations linked to ovarian cancer

2016.  February 9.  Co.Exist.  Curing Cancer Is A Worthy Moonshot, But The Science To Fight It Is Already Here.

2016.  February 9.  Business Insider.  For $2,500 this company will lay out your entire genetic blueprint

2016.  February 9.  Medscape.  A Possible Therapy for Menopausal Cognitive Decline.

2016.  February 8.  The Washington Post.  When the oncologist has the breast cancer gene.

2016.  February 8.  EurekAlert!  Device hits pancreatic tumors hard with toxic 4-drug cocktail, sparing the body

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